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Our chicken coops are built to last, and built for New England weather, unlike some that you see in the box stores. Every coop is hand built on site, and can be customized to your needs. During our cold winters your chickens will continue producing eggs, as our coops are wired for electricity which enables you to have a heat lamp and a water bowl heater. All doors have stainless steel bolt locks so when closed up for the night they are predator proof. Our standard coop model comes in T-111 siding primed and stained to the color of your choice. These coops are very functional, the nesting boxes are easily accessible with a drop down door in the front, they are also removable to make for easy cleaning. The side clean-out door is two feet wide making it easy to clean out as often as you'd like. Coops sit two feet off the ground so during deep snow season you can still collect your eggs, add food and water and clean. Coop overall height is 6'5" tall.

Sizes & Pricing

Our coops come in 7 different base sizes accommadating how many birds you have.

  • 4' x 4' fits 1 - 5 birds. $995
  • 4' x 6' fits 6 - 9 birds. $1395
  • 4' x 8' fits 9 - 12 birds. $1695
  • 5' x 12' flip lid  fits 20+ birds $2695
  • 5'x 6'  flip lid (same style as 5x12)  fits 9-12 birds $1795
    • 5' x 8' flip lid (same style as 5x12) fits 10-15 birds  $1995
  • 5' x 8' Walk in A-Frame Style coop $4995


  • 6' x 12' A-frame style coop with enclosed attached run  $7995
  • 4'x8' Catio --- 6'5" tall fully protected enclosure for cats, with ramps, toys and scratch tower. $995
  • 5'x10'  Kids Playhouse with 3 window openings and farmers porch  $3495
  • 4'x8' chicken tractor----great for meat birds $1295 (discontinued)


  • 5x8 Goat shelter on skids $1695   +$150 for removable front porch  + $150 for dutch door
  • 4x8  Goat shelter on skids $1495    
  • 6x12 Goat shelter/ shed combo on skids  $6995


Color Options

You can choose from Bard Red, Cape Cod Grey, Forest Green, Beige, Brown, Ocean Mist (light blue) or Purple. All colors come with white trim.   We can also leave them unpainted so you can paint it at home to match your house. 

4' x 4' coops
4' x 6' Coops
4' x 8' Coops
5' x 8' Coops
5' x 8' Walk In Coops
5' x 12' Coops
6' x 12' A Frame Coops
4' x 8' Chicken Tractor
4' x 8' / 5' x 8' Goat Shelters
6' x 12' Goat Shelters / Shed Combo
5' x 10' Kids Playhouse

All runs are constructed of long lasting nature wood,( alternative to pressure treated lumber but wont rot) and are enclosed with very strong 1/2" galvanized hardware wire to protect against predators and  withstand the outdoor elements for many years. The 4x6'5"x8 walk in runs come with a clear polycarbonate roof panels that shed rain and snow but allow sunlight to pass through. They also include a roosting bar.


  • 4' wide x 4' tall  x 8'  long Run/cage $495
  • 4' wide  x 6'5" tall  x 8'  long walk in run with roof $795


  • 4 wide x 6'5" tall x 10' long walk in run with roof $995
  • 4' wide x 6'5" tall x 12'  long walk in run with roof $1095 
  • 6' wide x 6'5"tall  x 10' long  walk in run with roof $1195
  • 6' wide x 6'5" tall x 12' long walk in run with roof $1395


  • ***Runs can also be painted white or any coop color for $195 extra
  • ** 2' tall x4' wide x12' long chicken tunnel runs that will attach onto any run we sell.   $595 (pic in Runs)

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Other Options

We offer a wide range of options so you can get the exact coop for your needs.


  • 24" x 24" sliding  vinyl window with a screen for more ventilation +$50 ea. 
  • 18"x24" Aluminum double hung window with grids +$50 ea,--(when in stock)
  • Fiberglass flooring for protection and easy cleaning +$95  (5x12 coops+ $125)
  • 1x3 White PVC trim boards, rot, bug and maintenance free, replaces all wood trim on coop + $95
  • Removable fiberglass droppings tray under roosting bar $50
  • Aluminum Automatic chicken door, opens at sunrise and closes at dark.  
  • ****12v system with trickle charger - $295 or   ****12v system with solar pannel charger $295  (See pic in "Other" gallery) price includes installation.
  •  White  PVC Flower Box beside window $75 each
  • Add 4x6 skids with eye hooks to bottom of legs so it can be movable $125 (see pic in "other " gallery)
  • Fresh Eggs sign  $25


  • 3/4"  1x10 natural pine shiplap  +$395
  • 1x8 natural pine tongue and groove siding +$395
  • 1x6 Tongue and groove cedar (not currently available) 
Deliveries + Payment

4' wide coops are built to slide in the back of a pickup truck or a small trailer.  5' wide coops need a trailer.   We are not able to deliver every coop due to our busy season, (March- Sept)  Let us know if delivery is needed, we are more than happy to, but delivery schedule is first come first served.   If you plan to pick up your coop, we will load your coop up at our shop on your truck , trialer or Uhual box truck. Please be sure to bring plenty of tie down ratchet straps so we can secure it.  Thanks!

If you would like to place an order plese email or call.

We accept  cash, check, credit cards (3% fee), Venmo,  Pay Pal and Bitcoin.      Please make checks payable to Lakes Region Carpentry.    Thanks!   

  Now accepting cryptocurrency -- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin,  XRP and others ---  10% Discount given on purchase for payments made with Bitcoin. 

Here are a few short videos if you are interested in learning alittle about cryptocurrency. Enjoy!

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I bought a 4x4 coop and large run as well as a few extras and couldn't be happier. The set up looks awesome and our hens love their home. You can't find a better coop at a better price! Thank you!

Sara V

Jason and his team are great. Love my new chicken coop/run and can't wait to now find chickens to come live in it. Great quality and construction. Best around. Jason could not be more helpful and accommodating.

Robin Milnes


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