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Our chicken coops are built to last, and built for New England weather, unlike some that you see in the box stores. Every coop and hand built on site, and can be customized to your needs. During our cold winters, chickens continue producing eggs, as our coops are wired for electricity which enables you to have a heat lamp and a water bowl heater. All doors have galvanized bolt locks so when closed up for the night they are predator proof.

Our classic coop model comes in T-111 siding primed and stained to the color of your choice. These coops are very functional, the nesting boxes are easily accessible with a drop down door in the front, they are also removable to make for easy cleaning. The side clean-out door is two feet wide making it easy to clean out as often as you'd like. Coops sit two feet off the ground so during deep snow season you can still collect your eggs, add food and water and clean. Coop overall height is 6'5" tall.

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We absolutely LOVE our coop and large run! It is well made and will last for many years. Thank you!

Kim S

Nice craftsmanship and coop was built in a timely fashion. Very happy chicken owner.

Maria Johnson


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